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Thought I would take some time off and look and some other videos. If you are interested in the making of a modern aircraft look at the last two videos.  They are fascinating.  They are the making of the Airbus A380 and you will be surprised in what goes into the building of a commercial airliner.  Oh, and if you interested in the Soviet Space Shuttle, Buran go to .

plane1 plane2
Russian Flying Fortresses [1:06] Russian Top Secret Aircraft[6:00]
Beriev Be-200 watershow [3:16]
The Atomic Bomber, nuclear powered aircraft [9:52]
plane5 plane6
Airbus A380 - Giant Of The Skies - First TakeOff [4:13] Airbus A380 Arctic Takeoff [1:35]
plane7 plane8
Largest Plane in the World, Antonov 225 Takeoff [3:55] Antonov An-225 Mriya/Buran Shuttle NATO Code: Cossack
plane9 plane10
Great Planes: Boeing 747 - Documentary [l=53:18] Airbus A380 - Giant Of The Skies Part 1 [l=42:23]
Airbus A380 - Giant Of The Skies Part 2 [l=42:19]

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